ANIMESector Staff


Tara -Owner

Hello, my name is Tara, and I created AnimeSector.
I started AnimeSector in the late 1999’s after attending a local con. I’ve been cosplaying since the mid 2000’s, and have recently started getting my children in group cosplays together. I grew up on classic X-Men, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Fushigi Yuugi and other animes. I just started getting into Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, and loving it. Some of the cosplays ive done are: Sailor Moon (Dark Lady), Ghostbusters (Holtzmann), Rarity, Marceline and Osgood (Doctor Who). Osgood was also for Syfy Live at SDCC17 and I was able to ask Steven Moffit a question!

We attend San Diego Comic Con yearly, and are currently working on our 2018 cosplay sets, so keep an eye out for that! I like to make my own templates and challenge myself into difficult costumes. Feel free to contact me!



Hufflepuff Student




My name is Rori.
I like cats, minecraft, pokemon and Sims4. I have cosplayed as AppleJack, HufflePuff Student, ChibiUsa, Samuri Pizza Cats, Team Rocket (Jessie), Ghostbusters (Gilbert) and so many more! I’m really looking forward to dressing up as Star Butterfly this coming year! I’m learning to sew from my Mom, and starting my own YouTube Channel Soon!



Doctor Horrible
Doctor Horrible


My name is T-Dawg.

I love my cat: Optimus Prime, minecraft, pokemon and Call of Duty. I have cosplayed as Doctor Horrible, Griffindor Student, Samuri Pizza Cats, Team Rocket (James), Ghostbusters (Egon), and Finn (Adventure Time!) I cant wait to see what we make next!





Doctor Who
Bowties are cool



My name is A-Boo.
I am a big Doctor Who fan. I also love minecraft, pokemon, and  playing on my 3DS.

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